Digital bordor patrol

i consider myself to be a digital native. i often times speak in lingo only understandable to gamers. for example using words like pwned, noob, camper, lol, etc. i often find myself preferring to text or IM someone rather than calling them on the phone. using my sidekick phone, i am able to get my nmsu email directly to me no matter where i am. often times people are surprised at how quickly i respond to emails because of this. i once had a girlfriend who was in the room with me while i was gaming online on my computer. with my headset on i commanded my team. she was shocked at the fact that what i was saying over my headset made absolutely no sense to her, but perfect sense to me and everyone else i was playing with.

Gaming evolution

looking back and reminiscing on days past i am remimded of the time when my father brought home a nintendo entertainment system, and changed my life forever. quickly i became obsessed. my taste for games evolved as technology did, and i found myself egerly awaiting the release of the newest and best games. i didnt want to be left behind, so i always was quick to get new games and master them.

Discourse comunity

i belong to a very select group. i am a member of this highly trained amazingly skilled group of proffesionals. the group i speak of of course is the elite clan of counter-strike gamers, known to are unfortunate victims as HELLSGAMERS. our clan resides on our home site of my nick name on this site is HALOSUCKS!!!. i am a devourer of noob souls. the Uber pwnage that i unleash en-mass can hardly be fathomed by the minds of the punity little kids who think they are cool, just because they play an M-rated game that their mommy probably bought them. muah hahaha. DEATH TO UBER-NOOBS!!!!!!!

why Dave has AIDS!!!!!!!!

i saw him having unprotected sex with picacho's dirtiest ladies of the night. while at the same time participating in introveinus drug abuse with needles shared by the nastiest of drug heads. they then broke into the HIV wing of the local hospital and began to take blood samples from each and every patient. the samples were collected into a giant gold goblet. dave took the cup, gave it to his disciples and said "this is the blood that will be shared with you so that sins may be forgiven".

and that ladies and gentlement is why dave has the AIDS!!!!!!!!!!

why Dave is the lamest douche on the planet

dave is a D-Bag,

that is all

over and out

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