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1. we are creating a funny personal identity.

2. Moe Szyslak of the simpsons

3. to inform, stimulate, and entertain.

4. im sure moe would approve, seeing that he isnt real.

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i am gonna write about the online gaming community of HELLSGAMERS

Tech Autobiography Part III- Gaming in a new dimension.


Again with the evolution of technology, my tastes for gaming changed. With games making a shift into three-dimensional graphics, gaming enviroments became more in depth. No longer were players confined to a set in-game path, but were dropped into whole worlds to explore.
With the release of the Nintendo 64 even some of my favorite game characters, such as Mario made their transition.

With more and more gamers going online, I figured it was time for me to join. I saved up money, and bought a new gaming computer. As I began hooking everything up, I was reminded of the excitement I felt when I hooked up my first gaming system. I then became interested in the world of massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft. There I would interact with other gamers all over the world, as we explored the vast in game world.

But my overall favorite gaming sub-genre emerged. A genre where you are put in the player’s perspective, and placed into virtual arenas where ever shot counts, and any mistake could mean death. I speak of the first person shooter genre. And with games like Counter-Strike I compete with teams across America. Nothing is more satisfying that ambushing an enemy and filling them with bullets; Unless of course the plan backfires and they kill you first. LOL

Tech Autobiography Part II- The obsession continues.


After that first experience with Super Mario, I quickly became obsessed with gaming. I would spend much of my time in the local arcade. As technology advanced, and began to mature, my taste in gaming began to evolve as well. There was a shift at the time and many new games were fighting oriented. One of the first hugely popular fighting games was Street Fighter II. I loved playing as the character Ryu, as he travels all around the world and faced enemies. Using his fireball technique, I would decimate my friends in one-on-one competition.

But my violent lust went unsatisfied; until a game so violent, so challenging, so packed with gory, bloody goodness, came along and turned the gaming world upside down. In a swift thrust, I was ensnared in its grasped, and was jerked toward it so fast, it was as if the game screamed COME HERE!! That game was Mortal Kombat

The game was so violent, that it actually awarded the player if they could kill their enemy. My parents were quick to follow the trend of the American public, and banned me from playing the game. When the game was ported to home systems, much of the violence was toned down, except for the Sega Genisis version. My mission became clear; I had to get a Sega.
Secretly I would play Mortal Kombat with my friends, behind my parents back. In secrecy I practiced and studied every move of every character. And the crowning achievement was when I was able to execute the bloody Fatalities with ease.

Tech Autobiography Part I- the early years


Flashback to 1992, the video game craze was resurrected thanks to the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. One fateful September day, my life changed forever. I remember it vividly like it was only yesterday. My dad came into the living room with a large box in his arms. Captivated with childish curiosity, my older sister and I looked in amazement as my father took accessory after accessory out of the box. One controller, the Zapper, and the games; Super Mario Bros, and Duck Hunt. The former became the single most influential game of my life.

I took hold of the controller, and as I pushed START, I felt a sudden rush of power surge through my body. I took control of the little digital man and led him across the screen, the whole time jumping over pitfalls, and shooting enemy characters with my firepower.

At first, I wasn’t very good. My gaming skills were easily trumped by those of my father. After the initial frustration subsided, I dedicated all of my spare time to training, in hopes of getting farther in the game than my dad. It wasn’t long until I became better than my father, and was able to get to the final world. I played the game so much that I was able to memorize the layout of the levels, and was easily able to speed run through them. The day finally came when I was on the final level of the final world.

As the fanfare triumphantly played, my soul soared, and as Mario ran up to the princess, I felt as though I had reached the first major turning point of my life.

Digital bordor patrol

i consider myself to be a digital native. i often times speak in lingo only understandable to gamers. for example using words like pwned, noob, camper, lol, etc. i often find myself preferring to text or IM someone rather than calling them on the phone. using my sidekick phone, i am able to get my nmsu email directly to me no matter where i am. often times people are surprised at how quickly i respond to emails because of this. i once had a girlfriend who was in the room with me while i was gaming online on my computer. with my headset on i commanded my team. she was shocked at the fact that what i was saying over my headset made absolutely no sense to her, but perfect sense to me and everyone else i was playing with.

Gaming evolution

looking back and reminiscing on days past i am remimded of the time when my father brought home a nintendo entertainment system, and changed my life forever. quickly i became obsessed. my taste for games evolved as technology did, and i found myself egerly awaiting the release of the newest and best games. i didnt want to be left behind, so i always was quick to get new games and master them.

Discourse comunity

i belong to a very select group. i am a member of this highly trained amazingly skilled group of proffesionals. the group i speak of of course is the elite clan of counter-strike gamers, known to are unfortunate victims as HELLSGAMERS. our clan resides on our home site of my nick name on this site is HALOSUCKS!!!. i am a devourer of noob souls. the Uber pwnage that i unleash en-mass can hardly be fathomed by the minds of the punity little kids who think they are cool, just because they play an M-rated game that their mommy probably bought them. muah hahaha. DEATH TO UBER-NOOBS!!!!!!!

why Dave has AIDS!!!!!!!!

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why Dave is the lamest douche on the planet

dave is a D-Bag,

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over and out

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