Tech Autobiography Part II- The obsession continues.


After that first experience with Super Mario, I quickly became obsessed with gaming. I would spend much of my time in the local arcade. As technology advanced, and began to mature, my taste in gaming began to evolve as well. There was a shift at the time and many new games were fighting oriented. One of the first hugely popular fighting games was Street Fighter II. I loved playing as the character Ryu, as he travels all around the world and faced enemies. Using his fireball technique, I would decimate my friends in one-on-one competition.

But my violent lust went unsatisfied; until a game so violent, so challenging, so packed with gory, bloody goodness, came along and turned the gaming world upside down. In a swift thrust, I was ensnared in its grasped, and was jerked toward it so fast, it was as if the game screamed COME HERE!! That game was Mortal Kombat

The game was so violent, that it actually awarded the player if they could kill their enemy. My parents were quick to follow the trend of the American public, and banned me from playing the game. When the game was ported to home systems, much of the violence was toned down, except for the Sega Genisis version. My mission became clear; I had to get a Sega.
Secretly I would play Mortal Kombat with my friends, behind my parents back. In secrecy I practiced and studied every move of every character. And the crowning achievement was when I was able to execute the bloody Fatalities with ease.

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