Tech Autobiography Part I- the early years


Flashback to 1992, the video game craze was resurrected thanks to the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. One fateful September day, my life changed forever. I remember it vividly like it was only yesterday. My dad came into the living room with a large box in his arms. Captivated with childish curiosity, my older sister and I looked in amazement as my father took accessory after accessory out of the box. One controller, the Zapper, and the games; Super Mario Bros, and Duck Hunt. The former became the single most influential game of my life.

I took hold of the controller, and as I pushed START, I felt a sudden rush of power surge through my body. I took control of the little digital man and led him across the screen, the whole time jumping over pitfalls, and shooting enemy characters with my firepower.

At first, I wasn’t very good. My gaming skills were easily trumped by those of my father. After the initial frustration subsided, I dedicated all of my spare time to training, in hopes of getting farther in the game than my dad. It wasn’t long until I became better than my father, and was able to get to the final world. I played the game so much that I was able to memorize the layout of the levels, and was easily able to speed run through them. The day finally came when I was on the final level of the final world.

As the fanfare triumphantly played, my soul soared, and as Mario ran up to the princess, I felt as though I had reached the first major turning point of my life.

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