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i belong to a very select group. i am a member of this highly trained amazingly skilled group of proffesionals. the group i speak of of course is the elite clan of counter-strike gamers, known to are unfortunate victims as HELLSGAMERS. our clan resides on our home site of www.hellsgamers.com my nick name on this site is HALOSUCKS!!!. i am a devourer of noob souls. the Uber pwnage that i unleash en-mass can hardly be fathomed by the minds of the punity little kids who think they are cool, just because they play an M-rated game that their mommy probably bought them. muah hahaha. DEATH TO UBER-NOOBS!!!!!!!

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NewMexicoJen said...

OK, so I am afraid of and intrigued by this discourse community. Sounds very badass to me. Seems like language as intimidation is really big with these folks. True?
Is imagery and iconography as important to this community or is mostly the use of written text?
PS-Like this community, the image on your profile is awesomely scary.

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